Monday, 24 March 2008

niñofixo is a tonto

Seems the kids have entirely got down with the horrid 80s cheese they are too young to hate with a passion. So now things like "voyage voyage" are kind of hip. Last night I saw for the first time a group of (more or less) grown up people who look like a completely different generation.
Or possibly what I actually saw was one room full of wannabees and fashion victims, with no taste at all.

In fact, looking back through my slightly foggy memory, the second theory is more likely - as after half an hour of 80s tack, for no apparent reason, the pre-pubescent dj-boy-thing (niñofixo, I think), played Chumbawumba. That song about alcohol. The fashion victims were going wild, apparently oblivious to the dirge they were being served. I think you could´ve played anything to these monkeys, and as long as, as the dj, your haircut was angular enough, they would have taken it to be cool.

So, I write them off. I was only in this place waiting for a concert by Australian group "The Midnight Juggernauts", who were, I can report, very amateurish. So, totally worth waiting for till 3.30am when they´d finally got their straggly selves out of above bar and onto the stage. Perhaps they got really good during their last 30 mins, but it wasn´t looking hopeful, so I don´t know, as I spent that time speeding bedwards in a taxi.

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