Tuesday, 25 March 2008


This Tibet-China-boycott Olympics thing.. hufff. So Shorty Sarkozy has finally done something good by saying he won't rule out a boycott of the opening ceremony, because of Tibet. (ok, that's actually not ruling out doing something good, but hey)
Now, I thought the Olympics were supposed to be about generally good ideals, combined with "who is the best at a pointless activity?". So I was heartened to hear that Olympics chief Jacques Rogge was heartened "that no major government had backed a boycott".

I mean, what is he? Some sort of c±nt? Is there perhaps too much sponsorship and such tied into the Moneylympics these days, that any political complaints might cost too much? Come on, it's not as if China is oppressing anyone, is it? What possible reason would anyone have to boycott an event organised by a non-democratic country that stifles freedoms?

Of course, Coke and McDonald's, and other suitably sporty commercial giants don't want to be associated with anything like that, so it's a shame these fucking Buddhists have to start pointing out unfortunate truths about China. Shhhhhh! Shut up, watch telly, enjoy the sport, drink Coke and fuck all the oppressed people in China! Ignore that nagging at your conscience! Couple of Big Macs and 15 hours of continuous live TV coverage, and your conscience will have been beaten into submission anyway(along with most of your intelligence) - ignore it!

I'm sure someone out there will be able to explain how "engaging" with China and letting the Olympic propaganda run out without a hitch will somehow help China to change. I remember in the 80s that was exactly what we did with South Africa - we engaged with it, traded with it, convened sporting event... Oh wait a minute, we did the opposite! Doh! That's right, trading with someone is no way to encourage change! oops!
You know, I think our business leaders might be lying to us about their involvement with China, unless they are honest enough to admit they don't give a shit about anything but the bottom line (few are, except that bastard Ryan Air owner).

Blah blah blah.

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