Thursday, 20 March 2008

ricky martin

Coldplay have released new album details.
I can exclusively reveal to you that they are:

a:it will kill what remains of any soul you may have, and

b:you will all buy it like sheep *evil laugh*.

Some people will say "nay, Brian Eno's producing it, it will be a masterwork."

Brian Eno did some amazing things - around 1981. None of the wonder of Talking Heads will be rubbing off here, believe me. In fact, "Brian Eno producing" smacks to me of a band wildly scraping around for the credibility they will never get, but I'm horrible.

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Rachel said...

through a very trustworthy grapevine (in which case I'm a scary 3 degrees of separation from this joke of a band)... they're about to split up :)

erm, that makes you 4 degrees... can i hear you screaming??