Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Apparently Barack Obama gave a speech addressing race today in America, and apparently it was very important and timely. Apparently I watched most of it, but I can't maintain concentration on him for more than half a sentence for some reason, I just drift off.
The same thing happens if I hear Kennedy speeches, or Martin Luther King. It's as if the tempo of worthy speech is a sedative.
Anyway, I ....... didn't come here today (applause)... to c...... riticise... worthy speech makers.

......Whatever their creed.




I came here today

(reconvene in 6 months) point out how Mr Obama,

... laudable as it was,

.......gave an honest and unflinching dissection...

of race in America today.

It would be a lovely change if a politician was successful due to his/her honesty and unflinching dissections. I have never experienced that in my life, and I'm not convinced that "the people" like hearing the truth from politicians. I hope I'm wrong, and that in the future, worthy speeches can have more gusto and less pausing for effect.

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