Monday, 28 April 2008

aesthetic pants

Go to the Stones Throw (it's a record label) site, and get the half hour "music from the forest" podcast by James Pants.

This is, exactly the musical world I want to live in; more or less the perfect aesthetic. And it's free, so you can listen too, and not understand where I'm coming from at all.
Still it could be worse, you could be listening to the new Madonna album. I'm prepared to go out on a limb, without hearing it, and predict assuredly that it's embarrassingly awful. I don't need to hear it to know it, like I don't need to be at a heavy metal concert to predict black will be worn.

I don't expect to be forcing any more Pants on the world until the album comes out. In May.

The "Karriem Riggins" live dj set on the above site is mas que un poco especial tambien.

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