Monday, 14 April 2008

another god rant

I just read this article in the Gruaniad, complaining about Richard Dawkins and his "secular army". Apparently, Dawkins should stop, because "God is behind some of our greatest art".
Well guess what? I don't give a fuck. Absolute monarchies were also behind some of "our greatest art", and I don't hear any fat-heads calling for their return. Mark Ravenhill; you are a plankton.
Get real. If humans took the time to see the world as it is, without fantastical imaginary Gods and so on, they would find something even more amazing, and even more awe-inspiring than the stories we used to make up.
The creation story, for example, is absolutely mind-numbingly dull compared to current scientific explanations of the birth of the universe. That is some mind-bending crazy stuff there, and it really puts things in perspective. Also, genetic mutation and natural selection is a much more beautiful "story" than the idiotic one in the Bible. So don't tell me science, or the real world, can't be inspirational; that only proves you are too lazy to read and understand some (fairly basic) science (it's more comfortable, I understand, to stay wrapped up in your childish stories).

So bugger off.... Where is this "secular army", anyway? I don't see secularists burning churches and killing non-secularists anwhere - that appears to be religiously inspired people doing that stuff. To say that being a secularist means you have to be ignorant of the bible, or "great Christian art" is so idiotic, I think Mr Ravenhill might have taken an stupid-pill. And just because Europe was a Christian culture, doesn't mean it has to continue to be. I seem to remember Christianity has taken many pre-Christian European traditions and holidays, so who's to say we shouldn't ignore the Bible and look to Pagans, or just say "things change"? We can accept and learn about and respect Christianity while superseding it, why not?
But what really pisses me off, is that if this neckless fat-face excuse for an artist had READ DAWKINS he would have noticed there is a great deal of respect and admiration given for Christian culture. Noone is saying we must burn the bible and all traces of Christian culture must be erased, not at all. I am saying, however, that belief in god is a bit thick, and it's only sentimentalism and a failure to accept we are not the centre of he universe (an ego thing). But once you get past that, the world is a much more wonderful place, albeit one blighted by pea-brained unevolved dimwits like Mark Ravenhill.

Here's one I missed earlier by Charlie Brooker, about the "Brain Gym", which is a nice idea wrapped in utter nonsense - I agree totally with what he says.

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