Monday, 21 April 2008

Award show in news headline scandal

Today, across Britain, another pointless award show has claimed top story and headline status over a broad spectrum of media.
Asked why this unimportant backslapping turgid waste of everyone's time was considered new by journalists and editors, one said, "because we're a bunch of useless, fawning freeloaders who like (, and we love to be allowed to hang about in the shadows of TV stars because we're essentially worthless human beings."

The essential worthlessness of show-biz journalists, celebrities and award shows was tonight being investigated by Scotland Yard, although they unfortunately seemed to be "really excited" about the prospect of meeting celebrities.

In more normal business, here's an article about the "euston manifesto", by Alan Johnson, who is a sell out git who pretends to be left wing while actually being a warmongering Thatcherite. You wish to know why? The Euston idiots have all become so dim, that like American evangelicals, they can only see things in black and white, which leads them to scary conclusions. Conclusions, which, unsurprisingly, are inhumane, uncaring and unimaginative.
Fuck anyone who considers themselves as "left wing", yet believes in bombing innocent people for the crimes of their leaders, who have given up believing in redistribution, and accepted unswervingly the frankly scary "free market = democracy" mantra. Screw you all, you've all become corrupted by something, I can't imagine what. Perhaps with your London lifestyles your brains are cocaine and champagne rotted, or perhaps you were always fakers in the first place.
The Euston lot are correct that some anti-war protesters were very simple, and I also find lazy anti Americanism unfortunate - but most of it wasn't lazy. It is not lazy or misguided to see the Bush government's use of war and the IMF/World bank as seriously immoral. The "freedom and democracy" drive they undertook was a sham, a sham designed to move a great deal of public money into private hands.... hufff. I know it sounds radical, but that is what happened, and there's almost no evidence of concern for humanity or democracy or any kind of freedom except that of US/EU corporations to buy up foreign assets cheaply.
It's time people exploded the free-market myth for what it is. What it is not is anything to do with democracy or freedom - I am totally convinced of that. "Free markets" allow the financially powerful free reign to become richer, backed up by WTO courts. Democracies that wish to do their own thing actually have to LEAVE the WTO, as it doesn't allow them freedom of economic determination. If you don't privatise, allow home grown industries to be bought by foreign companies, apparently you're acting "against freedom". It's a nonsense.

All of the above people should be made to stand in the corner, or alternatively made to go to their rooms until they're genuinely sorry.
Or possibly taken outside and shot.

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