Wednesday, 30 April 2008


This man is a git. Now, eugenics is definitely unscientific, dangerous rubbish... however, with the "educated classes" it does seem to work. Take this face, for example:
When we examine the mouth, we see it is gelatinous and puffy, especially in the bottom lip area. This signifies pompousness, stubbornness and mental restriction. Without further testing, we can assume, rightly, that this man will be horrible. As it happens, my suspicions can be verified with evidence:
He is a journalist who gave up a source, whom he had misquoted, who under the following stress committed suicide.
He is undertaking a journalistic campaign or misinformation and slander against the left wing mayor of London, while describing himself as "a lefty". Working for a conservative newspaper and getting a conservative candidate elected is not "lefty", it's stupid.

He is stupid - look at his stupid face! Stupid stupid stupid.

...Someone else who's stupid, and talentless, is Annie "I've got a great idea! let's do the photo naked" Liebovitz. And people are stupid too, because they buy into the idea that "naked = art" unquestioningly. What's niggling me today is that there's some scandal about a 15 year old US star who was shot by Liebowitz. Now, surprisingly enough, at some point during the shoot, Annie "I've got a great idea! let's do the photo naked" Liebovitz evidently said, "I've got a great idea! let's do the photo naked", and said photo was printed in some shitty magazine that substitutes substance with celebrity.
Well, to the girl in question, her fans, her parents and the morally outraged everywhere - what did you expect? It's Annie "I've got a great idea! let's do the photo naked" Liebovitz; she only has one idea! Don't let her near children, for Christ's sake!

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