Wednesday, 23 April 2008

I clearly need direction

Oh, dear. Now Billary Clinton's won in Transylvania, she thinks she can continue, and "go all the way."

How selfish is she? By the time she finally loses to Obama in the summer, John McCain's reputation will have increased just by the fact the Democratic nominees have been dragging each other's through the mud for a year. Why do I care? Because it's important for the world we don't have another Republican administration.

It's also important Billary doesn't win, as she thinks it's reasonable to "obliterate" other countries. Very depressing thought, that. I was wondering if, as she thinks it's ok to kill an entire nation due to the actions of its leader, whether she thinks leader and nation are indeed one and the same thing. How else could you feel justified in saying what she did? I suppose the idea of leader = nation is not exactly new, but it has uniquely been held by leaders who have entirely lost the plot (Mao, Stalin, late term Blair and Thatcher). So to elect someone who is already as deluded as that, I feel would be misguided. America! Listen! Don't be misguided!

..and yesterday was St George's day. What's the point of that again? I'm sorry you will have to explain to me why it's good to be "Praahhd of yer cantry", cause like God, I just don't feel nationalism. Certainly not English nationalism; what on earth could that mean? While I of course think Fish and Chips is better than any French cuisine, and I will get violently defensive about English cheese, that really is due to taste, and not because they're English (I hope)....yeeeeaaees, well, p'raps I'd be happier with all this brainless flag waving if a great deal of the enthusiasm for it didn't come from people who read the Daily Mail (ie in-or-out of the closet racists).

I've been tootling about the "blogosphere"... excuse me while I go and vomit after using that word... and it's increasingly apparent to me I am not doing the done thing of putting tons of ugly self promotion and advertising down my right column. Why aren't I doing this? Because I'm keeping it real, Gangstar style. OF course the whole idea of blogs is arrogance way beyond what's reasonable, but hey, that's no excuse to get too big-headed. Which I'm not - check out how big my header logo isn't :).


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Visca Catalunya!

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