Tuesday, 15 April 2008

quality marketing

In the guardian I learn that a chip producer is using the slogan "east your greens!" to promote chips. This apparently is because they are low fat chips, therefore healthy, and a "green light" food (as opposed to bad food, which would be a red light). Now we all know that "eat your greens" refers to eating green vegrtables, not potatoes, so the company, McCain, will also know it is being very naughty, and it's marketing department should be put in the stocks.
Just in case you're not sure that they are evil, while searching for a picture of the "eat your greens" slogan, I was directed to netmums.com, where I found this:

That's a little small, so let me quote, "And here's a healthy option to serve up with your quality fast food: McCain Rustic oven chips: the "all green" chip."
When we use quotation marks like that, I must point out, we me something is similar to, but not exactly what we say. So; Madonna is an artist, vs, Madonna is an "artist". You know the difference. And between all green and "all green"? Are they taking the piss out of themselves?

Regardless, they know they're full of shit on this one; to claim chips are healthy is like saying war is fun.

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