Wednesday, 16 April 2008

sometimes I just don't know

... I was really looking forward to Jamie Lidell's new album, and now I've heard it.. eyeeeeee... It's a bit old school. His debut was especially cool, mixing crazy electronic tricks with soul vocals - but now the tricks have mostly gone, and while it's not bad, it's not exciting :( Sometimes it reminds me of Justin Timberlicker.

I also heard the new M83 record. I hated the last one, almost violently so, but this one is muuuuch better. However, it exists in a world that starts and finishes in 1986, so if you don't ever think "I want to listen to Tears For Fears", you are unlikely to want to listen to this either. Of course, the rather pleasing flip side of that, is if you are "hip", and you like this record, you are essentially admitting to liking Tears For Fears. Groovy.

Then I heard "Foals". Don't believe the hype - they are a more irritating version of Franz Ferdinand, who have very rudely stolen some of the noises Battles make. They're trying too hard to be cool, a fact that becomes painfully obvious when you see their haircuts and clothes. For the record, that's the first record I've deleted from my i-tunes library, for fear of someone seeing I had it. I couldn't cope with the shame - and if you look carefully through my library you'll find a Slayer song. That bad.

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