Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Temple of Lords

The Lords Economic Affairs Committee have released their report on the effects of immigration in the UK. I am tempted not to write at all, because I'm so angry I can barely keep my fingers on the keyboard, and I'm worried that the coffee I want to drink will raise my blood pressure to such a point that I actually explode.
I want to do a point by point dissection of why the authors are a complete bunch of mentally limited backwards little-Englander WANKERS who make me wish I was wrong about God altogether, so these snobby over privileged FUCKS actually spend the eternity of their hopefully quite soon deaths in hell, (I'm quite agitated), but I can't because the response to the report has been so depressing.

Did people respond to the last report in the UK, that said immigration was a good thing for the economy, by saying,
"Oh, my prejudices seem to have blinded me to the truth, and now I see the facts, I think foreigners are lovely"?
No, they said nothing, but NOW, with this Lord-upon-high report backing up his brainlessness, we have man on street (via internet) spouting such enlightened vomit as,
"They show unequivocally that the benefits of the current immigration policy to ordinary UK citizens are largely non-existent."
Oh sorry, that wasn't "man on street", that was David "pointless" Davis of the Conservative(read 'reactionary liberal-economic racist') party. The grey haired shit. Let's responsibly whip up a load of public xenophobia so we can win the next election shall we David, you gitflap?

Man on street he say, (all from the BBC's "have your say page", link can go fuck itself)
"..every decent person wants some diversity but not a take over ,when you board a London underground train and you are the only white face in a half full carriage and police are patrolling your town warning of East European pick pockets you know immigration has gone too far even immigrants are saying it."

"Send them all back home we are just an island ourselves and we are too full now, deport them all." (sorry, that was a woman, Tina - with an opinion! Whatever next!? Deport them all I say.)

"To be honest, I'm surprised anyone wants to come to live in a nation full of Xenophobic Neanderthals." Ok, that one's for balance, though I did have to correct the spelling and punctuation.

"I have moved from Poland 2 years ago, I from Belarus which is not a part of EU. I have always dreamed to live in the UK. Seriously I can understand immigrants from Eastern Europe, but what is really makes on my nerves is Polish, Czesh and Slovakian chavs, non skilled workers in hoodies who will never understand that they should respect UK and UK's laws. There are makes really bad opinion for the rest. There is in the UK to many domestic chavs already." That's beyond parody, Denis from Cardiff - you should have your own Chat Sh..


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