Monday, 19 May 2008

be french

So it's Eurovision again... in the spirit of research, I have just listened to the UK entry. Well, well done Britain, you have unbelievably bland taste. Embarrassingly so. I mean, don't you want to win? This is neither stupid enough, European enough or bad enough. The Spanish entry is, well, "interesting", and at least endearing in some sense...

But but but, what am I on about? There are some occasions where you stand head and shoulders over the rest of the world just by being French, and this is one of those times. SebastiƩn Tellier's Divine, despite shockingly being in English, is actually stylish and good. I think this is a Eurovision first.

Nice cover too, as it's definitely still 1973...

Of course he won't win, but on the strength of this song, I'll be voting for a French government in the next UK general election (I'm tired of our parties, anyway). How could being ruled by France be any worse than what we've got (and I am NOT making hints about Scotland)?

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