Sunday, 18 May 2008

shit shop

I've seen Hot Chip djing twice now, and, my god, they are terrible. I just heard hours of the most monotonous, soulless, dull house music... I don't understand how they could have such bad taste. We're talking the kind of house that just rises and falls, with drum-rolls taking you to the "peaks", in a "hands in the air" style. Awful.
I was tempted to rush the stage and scold them for being so tacky.

At least there's a new(ish) Junior Boys track to calm me down. If that's not the best noise you've ever heard; that's okay, there's nothing wrong with having no taste. People won't mind too much. You can still have some kind of life.

I haven't written anything for a while as the news is too terrible to comment on, and UK politics have become too depressing to bear. Go and have a Conservative government, if you have to; see if I care. I'd like to blame the press, but it's not all their fault!! People are grown up enough to make their own decisions - it seems like they're going to make some bad ones, but they'll have to live with them. It's just a shame the other nice people, who don't turn into rabid right-wing maniacs at the slightest drop in house prices, will have to suffer a Conservative government too. Not to say current incumbent is good, or anything, in fact certainly the popularity of the Right now is partly due to his incompetence and lack of convictions.
...but that doesn't mean one should just vote for "the other lot"! That's dumb.

I intend to be lost in music for the foreseeable future instead.

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