Tuesday, 24 June 2008

half baked

A mayonnaise advert by bean company Heinz, in the UK, has been cancelled (bean cancelled?), or pulled, due to complaints about its contents. Apparently it featured men kissing in it. Wooo. Scary.
And, I read this in the Guardian this piece, where the author claims Heinz has insulted gay consumers by removing the advert. It hasn't insulted gay consumers, it has insulted society as a whole.
A small group of retarded bigots who should be forcibly reeducated or sent to Australia should not be allowed to have such an.. what am I saying? It's an advert, I don't give a shit.

I was going to download, listen to, and review the new Coldplay album, to amuse myself, but I'll skip that and get to the conclusion: You can get better free and legally free music, and you should. There is no need or justification in today's world to subject your psyche to empty whiny rubbish like Coldplay; people buy it because they're too lazy to find something actually good. I'm too lazy to actually listen to the rubbish most people are lazily listening to: but that makes me a better(lazy) person.

Sunday, 22 June 2008


I was at Sonar day, Friday and Saturday, and saw some good stuff, though maybe not quite as good as last year. Not weird enough!

However, there were some cool things, like Daedelus, who was pretty intense and was playing a strange touch-sensitive box I've never seen with considerable flair. Whatever it is, it looks great, I want one. On Saturday there was some cool weird Japanese stuff - I was feeling a little odd at the time (hangover plus 38degrees doesn't agree with me at all) so don't remember the names. One particular artist was creating music with 80s computers, very much in the stle of 80s computer games, but gone mental. Very cool, and the video montage took me back to the world of the Commodore 64, so I was feeling a bit nostalgic.
I was also feeling a bit light headed.

So, there was some other stuff too, like a Swedish electronic group reminiscent of Hot Chip, but shit. Shit Chip, if you will.
Most enjoyable, though I'm afraid I can't recommend them, were "The Duloks", a purposefully bad girl group -from London?- who are very funny. I think the between song banter was better than the songs, but whatever, it was a welcome break from over-serious electronica.

Well, it was fun. But I couldn't help noticing that MOST people there seemd to be there with press/photo passes, or under various other "for work" guises. Can't be that many people who actually pay for their own tickets. And a lot of people who can do their jobs drunk/on "illegal high drugs". Which is nice.

Now I'm watching Spain vs Italy, where it appears Berlusconi has bought the referee.
(photo from here)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

it's been a long time...

..over a year, in fact, since I paid a visit to the wonderful world of "Conservapedia".
Last time, you may remember, we discovered how the dinosaurs co-existed with humanity, and were saved along with the rest of the animal kingdom by Noah and his big fuck-off boat.
Today, we will visit the altogether darker world that is Atheism.

Atheists are terrible people, I've learnt: They are more likely to commit suicide, mass murder, be insane and be communists (or anti-American).

But worst(best) of all, Atheists, "look upon the following behaviors as morally acceptable: illegal drug use; excessive drinking; sexual relationships outside of marriage; abortion; cohabitating with someone of opposite sex outside of marriage; obscene language; gambling; pornography and obscene sexual behavior; and engaging in homosexuality/bisexuality."

Incidentally, while we're talking about "the Gays", "Given the many diseases associated with homosexuality, the Bible prohibition against homosexuality is quite arguably one of the many examples where the Bible exhibited knowledge that was ahead of its time." See?

Oh. Jesus, it goes on... We come to "reasonable explanations for Atheism."
Before we look at this, do bear in mind these are REASONABLE explanations, okay? I will cherry pick, which is another thing I probably do due to my;
1: "Moral depravity: Moral depravity has been demonstrated in the atheist community through history and through studies."
2: "Superficiality."
3: "Error."
and, of course,
4: "Poor relationship with father: Some argue that a troubled/non-existent relationship with a father may influence one towards holding the position of atheism."
In addition, they are "all intelligent and arrogant."

Well children, your host is retiring for today - I have lots of illegal drugs/abortion/sexual depravity to attend to. Perhaps next time we can read Conservapedia's balanced discussion of Global Warming or Gun Control....

PS. "Anti-Americanism is the prevailing disease of intellectuals today." I thought it was Atheism.

Monday, 16 June 2008


So lorry drivers are striking again, or where they are not, they're threatening to. It's easy to pass them off as an unpleasant bunch who use their strategic position to make economies suffer, but it's wrong.
They may not even realise it, but they are an illustration of how free market economics has led us towards ever more untenable positions of inequality. I hope they are the first of many groups to protest, as I believe protest is necessary to reorder economic interests in Europe to more democratic ends.

What am I on about? The liberalisation of labour markets possibly helped bring about
the long period of growth and prosperity throughout the 1990s, but while everyone was doing okay, we didn't notice how much better those at the top were doing.
Apparently the average Shell driver salary is THE SAME as it was in 1992, after which Shell contracted out all of its transport (to cut costs). So while the drivers have been stagnating, Shell has been realising record profits.

Simultaneously, top level salaries have been increasing at much faster rates than middle and lower ones across economies. Why? Because people at the top can do it, not because of market pressure. Now unions are more or less neutered, there is no democratic, only financial, power in the labour market. This needs to be redressed.
I would not call for complete economic equality, but it is certainly wrong that the well off should be getting richer quicker than those less well off. Rates of wealth growth should be higher in the poorest - we should be working towards equality, not inequality.

But there is no pressure to do this, which is why protest is necessary. I would even go as far as to argue we should raise import taxes, to protect European industries (while supporting the right of other nations to do the same); this would be a way of protecting higher salaries from cheap competition (or exploitative competition form China, for example. If you think that's rude, do you want to work 14 hour days for a couple of dollars?)

The world of high finance and "big money" has had free reign to make the world as it wishes for almost 30 years now. It has not been a success. Most growth has benefited the most wealthy in the world, while the rest have seen their wealth grow modestly, not at all, or actually shrink, while government safety nets have been dismantled.
Larry Elliot, economics editor of the Guardian, has written a number of good articles about the need to regulate finance; here is one
The populations of Europe and the US should take back democratic control of the economy, and force responsible and fair practice on those industries that have shown themselves willfully inept at regulating themselves. It is time we stopped living in societies where one person earns the salary of 400 others: no-one can work that hard, no-one is worth so much. Especially not while other people live in poverty.
It is perverse.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Ruth Kelly Not Guilty

Apparently, R. Kelly has been found not guilty on 14 charges of 14 counts of child pornography.
They should have charged him with being shit, that would´ve stuck.

Ruth Kelly is probably guilty of something, though (definitely of philosophical naivety).

Thursday, 12 June 2008

terrorist fist jab!

sorry you have to endure ads.

difficult position

The Conservative shadow home secretary, David Davis has resigned as an MP, in protest over the vote to extend detention of suspected terrorists to 42 days (without charges), and the introduction of ID cards.
Huffffff. I'm not sure how much of a stunt this may be, but he is correct to protest about this, and the "relentless erosion of freedoms" by the incumbent government - much as it pains me to say so.
I do not understand why Labour has persisted with these Orwellian policies, which are neither necessary nor popular. I think they've gone mad with power - which means they must be thrown out at the next election.
Which is a difficult position to be in, because we do not need a Conservative government, either. Perhaps the Liberal Democrats can reinvigorate themselves into the right sort of organisation to be electable, though I doubt it with Mr Nobody Clunk as leader. We're doomed!
...Well, as long as I live in "socialist paradise" (elsewhere), I'm not; but I want good governance for Britain too.

A new party, that's what's needed, and fast.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

(that's when I reach for)

I've just read another article about FIA head honcho Max Mosley, you know; the nazi prostitute sex video guy. Now, I do have to admit that story was quite funny; I enjoy seeing the rich and powerful exposed as being wierdos, but there's a limit to what these discoveries mean.

Yes, he's bizarre, and unpleasantly so, but he does it in private, so I'm afraid it doesn't affect his job (incidentally, what DO presidents of these bodies do? My guess is drink a lot of champagne and fuck about at parties...). So, Catherine Bennett, who must have ran out of things with which to fill her column (me too!), points out that one the one hand he has been exposed as a "prize jackass"* yet doesn't feel that's a problem, while "only recently" he fined a Formula 1 team for "bringing the sport into disrepute". But I don't get the comparison - the F1 team was acting in an unsporting manner during a race - Mosley was acting in a freaky way in private. So what?

Interesting family, Mr Mosley comes from.

Mosley's dad, Oswald Mosley, was the leading British fascist during the 1930s, and allegedly had his car turned over by my granddad and friends. His political movement was doomed primarily because the majority of British people resented his policy that everyone had to wear brown - the 1930s had been depressing enough already.

*"Prize jackass"? Which century are we living in? I can only imagine posh yahoos guffawing at cocktail parties in stately homes saying "prize jackass" - probably just before the "nazi prostitutes" arrive. Most aristocrats use nazi prostitutes at parties - FACT.

In other news, I see the government is threatening to close failing schools in the UK. I thought that sounded a bit counter-intuitive, 'cause how will closing a school help its pupils? Then I read on, and understood: "Once the plans have been submitted the schools will have less than three years to transform or face being closed down, merged or turned into privately run academies."

So, Ed Balls (real name!), Secretary of State for Children, Schools, Families and Being a Fucknut - you motherfucker. This government has a few fetishes, and one is that private companies will somehow run organisations better than public ones. They don't, they just make more money out of them, and education in Britain is SUPPOSED to be public. And this is a "left wing" government! Jesus Christ! This point is one I might return to....

Watch a video!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Art in Britain is very often smug and narcissistic, being personality led, rather than art-led. Demian Hirst's agent is even happy for him to be described as a brand - how arty is that?
Although I understand artists using assistants, some brit-artists take the piss - Hirst, again, now only comes up with crass ideas, which other people execute for him.
Which I must emphasise IS RUBBISH and no longer artistic.

Anyway, I digress before I even start.

"Siren", a gold sculpture by Marc Quinn, depicts Kate Moss in a yoga position, and is to be displayed at the British Museum... I... Why don't you just encase a copy of "Hello" in glass, bathe it in light and force us to worship it? Celebrity culture is NOT CULTURE, and it is shockingly tacky for supposed "art" to stoop to celebrity worship.

Am I being snobbish? I don't give a flying melonflipper; this is pathetic, headline grabbing bottom of the barrel and base art. I hate it. I hate it because it's mundane and everyday - even if it is made of gold! To say sculpting Kate Moss lacks imagination is a huge understatement. Brit-art has done mundane to death over the past 20 years. Time to move on, I think.

Anyway, there's a new Ladytron album on the way, which is pretty cool...

So it's not all bad. It's lucky there's a fairly constant stream of good music about, or I'd have to spend my time considering what's going to happen when Britain elects a Conservative - BNP coalition government... Might happen, unless Flash Gordon Brown listens to Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson's proposals. They might yet save us, Flash!
Of course, people will think controlling the financial world is "radical and dangerous", because they are scared and lack imagination (again!), but it's really not such a radical idea - it's the current system which is radical. Dangerously so, for everyone who isn't a high flying banker. Not that I'm thinking about that, anyway.

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less