Sunday, 22 June 2008


I was at Sonar day, Friday and Saturday, and saw some good stuff, though maybe not quite as good as last year. Not weird enough!

However, there were some cool things, like Daedelus, who was pretty intense and was playing a strange touch-sensitive box I've never seen with considerable flair. Whatever it is, it looks great, I want one. On Saturday there was some cool weird Japanese stuff - I was feeling a little odd at the time (hangover plus 38degrees doesn't agree with me at all) so don't remember the names. One particular artist was creating music with 80s computers, very much in the stle of 80s computer games, but gone mental. Very cool, and the video montage took me back to the world of the Commodore 64, so I was feeling a bit nostalgic.
I was also feeling a bit light headed.

So, there was some other stuff too, like a Swedish electronic group reminiscent of Hot Chip, but shit. Shit Chip, if you will.
Most enjoyable, though I'm afraid I can't recommend them, were "The Duloks", a purposefully bad girl group -from London?- who are very funny. I think the between song banter was better than the songs, but whatever, it was a welcome break from over-serious electronica.

Well, it was fun. But I couldn't help noticing that MOST people there seemd to be there with press/photo passes, or under various other "for work" guises. Can't be that many people who actually pay for their own tickets. And a lot of people who can do their jobs drunk/on "illegal high drugs". Which is nice.

Now I'm watching Spain vs Italy, where it appears Berlusconi has bought the referee.
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