Thursday, 12 June 2008

difficult position

The Conservative shadow home secretary, David Davis has resigned as an MP, in protest over the vote to extend detention of suspected terrorists to 42 days (without charges), and the introduction of ID cards.
Huffffff. I'm not sure how much of a stunt this may be, but he is correct to protest about this, and the "relentless erosion of freedoms" by the incumbent government - much as it pains me to say so.
I do not understand why Labour has persisted with these Orwellian policies, which are neither necessary nor popular. I think they've gone mad with power - which means they must be thrown out at the next election.
Which is a difficult position to be in, because we do not need a Conservative government, either. Perhaps the Liberal Democrats can reinvigorate themselves into the right sort of organisation to be electable, though I doubt it with Mr Nobody Clunk as leader. We're doomed!
...Well, as long as I live in "socialist paradise" (elsewhere), I'm not; but I want good governance for Britain too.

A new party, that's what's needed, and fast.

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