Tuesday, 24 June 2008

half baked

A mayonnaise advert by bean company Heinz, in the UK, has been cancelled (bean cancelled?), or pulled, due to complaints about its contents. Apparently it featured men kissing in it. Wooo. Scary.
And, I read this in the Guardian this piece, where the author claims Heinz has insulted gay consumers by removing the advert. It hasn't insulted gay consumers, it has insulted society as a whole.
A small group of retarded bigots who should be forcibly reeducated or sent to Australia should not be allowed to have such an.. what am I saying? It's an advert, I don't give a shit.

I was going to download, listen to, and review the new Coldplay album, to amuse myself, but I'll skip that and get to the conclusion: You can get better free and legally free music, and you should. There is no need or justification in today's world to subject your psyche to empty whiny rubbish like Coldplay; people buy it because they're too lazy to find something actually good. I'm too lazy to actually listen to the rubbish most people are lazily listening to: but that makes me a better(lazy) person.

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