Sunday, 8 June 2008

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I've just read another article about FIA head honcho Max Mosley, you know; the nazi prostitute sex video guy. Now, I do have to admit that story was quite funny; I enjoy seeing the rich and powerful exposed as being wierdos, but there's a limit to what these discoveries mean.

Yes, he's bizarre, and unpleasantly so, but he does it in private, so I'm afraid it doesn't affect his job (incidentally, what DO presidents of these bodies do? My guess is drink a lot of champagne and fuck about at parties...). So, Catherine Bennett, who must have ran out of things with which to fill her column (me too!), points out that one the one hand he has been exposed as a "prize jackass"* yet doesn't feel that's a problem, while "only recently" he fined a Formula 1 team for "bringing the sport into disrepute". But I don't get the comparison - the F1 team was acting in an unsporting manner during a race - Mosley was acting in a freaky way in private. So what?

Interesting family, Mr Mosley comes from.

Mosley's dad, Oswald Mosley, was the leading British fascist during the 1930s, and allegedly had his car turned over by my granddad and friends. His political movement was doomed primarily because the majority of British people resented his policy that everyone had to wear brown - the 1930s had been depressing enough already.

*"Prize jackass"? Which century are we living in? I can only imagine posh yahoos guffawing at cocktail parties in stately homes saying "prize jackass" - probably just before the "nazi prostitutes" arrive. Most aristocrats use nazi prostitutes at parties - FACT.

In other news, I see the government is threatening to close failing schools in the UK. I thought that sounded a bit counter-intuitive, 'cause how will closing a school help its pupils? Then I read on, and understood: "Once the plans have been submitted the schools will have less than three years to transform or face being closed down, merged or turned into privately run academies."

So, Ed Balls (real name!), Secretary of State for Children, Schools, Families and Being a Fucknut - you motherfucker. This government has a few fetishes, and one is that private companies will somehow run organisations better than public ones. They don't, they just make more money out of them, and education in Britain is SUPPOSED to be public. And this is a "left wing" government! Jesus Christ! This point is one I might return to....

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