Wednesday, 9 July 2008

and I don't even like him

This year, at Primavera Sound I saw some of Rufus Wainwright's performance, and I was surprised not to find myself bored, as it's really not my sort of thing at all.
Today I read a review of another of his concerts, in the Guardian (!), and did it make me angry?
The review is largely positive, but climaxes saying, "...after a while you long for a tune you can hum."
Yeah, you might do, if you're a superficial mook who can't go ten minutes without a Britney song. God I hate people who say stuff like that "ooh there's no tune nyurr nyuurr nyurr". Mabe there's not supposed to be? If you need tunes you can hum, perhaps you're better off locked indoors listening to Radio 1 all day, not straying out to see artists who deviate from top-ten style garbage. Don't you think?
I might actually punch someone if they started humming next to me at a concert, so watch out. Not that I go to many concerts with tunes you can hum (unless you're VERY musical like me).

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