Monday, 21 July 2008


Perhaps I shouldn't have been reading anything on, but I was... reading about the upcoming facebook redesign. I wonder if it will cause as much upset as
Anyway, I made a discovery...

"Facebook expert Tony Beresford said that the site's revamp was a positive move."

Facebook expert? The ability of people to be full of shit impresses me. How far can one get in life making claims like "I am a facebook expert"? I don't have the nerve to make meaningless statements like that - ergo I am not on SkyNews.
Facebook expert is not quite "medical expert"; though I suppose there's not explicit qualification for either, I bet it's pretty easy to be a Facebook expert. I mean, I probably am. In fact, and I'm sticking my neck out here, I bet this Tony Beresford knows nothing more than your average person.

So we are all experts.

...Unless we write for SkyNews, in which case we are either gullible idiots or agents of the advertising industry. Another story on there relates a story about a "perfect woman robot" who cooks and cleans and will be on sale soon. Now, that idea is clearly nonsense, but they run with it anyway - a little, and I mean little - research shows this to be a crappy French advert for Nivea for Men, at "". Idiots for even considering this, and punch in the face for marketing people again for being facile.

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