Tuesday, 8 July 2008

in hiding

The usually tea and cake, village fete world of the Anglican Church has been upset reently by the threat of "schism". A schism between the "reformist" liberal end of the spectrum and the "traditionalist" wanker end. Am I being a little harsh on the poor traditionalists? I rather think not, children.
I'm not being unfair, because traditionalists are lying to people about why they feel the way they do. They say that women and homosexual (let's leave homosexual women for now) Bishops go "against scripture" and so cannot be permissable within the Anglican Church.
Were that particularly true, they might have a bit of an arguement, albeit a crap one, but it's dimwitted of them to call on "scripture" as if it is written in stone (it's paper, even I can see that) - as it was written by men, translated, re-written, changed re-translated and so on and so forth over many centuries. In such cases, claiming something is "unchangeable" seems an arbitrary choice at best, and completely wrong otherwise.
But I digress, for a change. I said they were lying! And they are, as all this "scripture" stuff is nonsense - the traditionalists are hiding behind it. The truth is they are bigots. They are sexist and homophobic, and use anything they can find to hide this, as even traditionalists (I mean bigots!) are aware that saying,
"I oppose women Bishops becasue women are inferior and I hate gays too", is abhorrent.

It's what they think, though. So perhaps we shouldn't hide behind diplomatic language like traditionalists? Just call them prejudiced fuckers instead.

Just so I don't have to repeat my ass in the future, many nationalists use patriotism and culture to hide their racism. Watch 'em!

To change the mind of a bigot, you're asking them to eat a lot of humble pie, which is never easy, so bearing that in mind, here's an olive branch. I hate the NME and everything it stands for, according to me, and yet I discover they have championed the following band, so they can't be all that bad after all.
Here is "Dungen"

pantscript: I -finally- have James Pants' album "Welcome", and it lives up to my high expectations, so is fantastic. Pitchfork gave it a 5/10 review, but that's because they are an "indie" website, and "indie" is inherently conservative and snooty. A record that can't easily be put into a genre box makes indie-folk nervous; the lack of rules and boundaries result in pant-wetting. They fear free music!

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