Wednesday, 6 August 2008

more... booze

Now, if it was Madonna releasing a remix version of a "classic Madonna album", it would be terrible. A Bad Idea. Of course, this is all hypothetical, and not possible in this universe, as she has no classic albums. Don't argue.
Madlib and MF DOOM, joining forces to become "Madvillain" did produce a classic album, four years ago, and the follow up is much anticipated.

In the meantime, producer Madlib has remixed the original, which is a bit like hot-washing the Turin Shroud. You just don't touch these things....

But what little I've heard, it's just fantastic. Re-visiting Doom's intelligent twisting delivery with fresh beats underneath is great. I read the review in Bitchfork, and they were not impressed, but then they like Kanye West, so they definitely don't know what they are on about (in other rap reviews, they appear too dim to decode simple Nas lyrics): and when you like Kanye, you out yourself as someone who really doesn't know jack about good beats (or sunglasses).
So ignore them; listen to meeeeeeee.

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