Thursday, 21 August 2008


well, nothing of note to say, but I'm posting some music, if you're interested.
Just a mix of what I'm into right about now... For example;

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, you just might like, if you like your music Krautrock style (like fujiya and miyagi). There's a bit of 60s psychedelic pop, as a few weeks ago I was bored with new music, briefly, and needed something to fill a hole. David Axelrod pops in too, also from the sixties, with music "inspired by William Blake", and not many people say that kind of thing anymore. Some quiet noise from something I know very little about called "Tape", and a track by Quiet Village, whose album is much better than the horrible opening track suggests.
Back into the 70s for some Rufus and Chaka, and the Spinners too. Mmmmm. Smooth. And, as they say, much much more!!
That's not in the right order, and you'll have to wait for the link as rapidshare is being a mo-fo - I am on my third attempt at uploading, without it deciding it's been "interrupted", now. Grrrr.
Oh, and, irritatingly, I've mucked aboout with all the ID3 tags, so they'll play in the right order (ie the order I intended) in itunes, but things like last.wewishwehadn' might complain....

mixtape link

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