Wednesday, 10 September 2008


on a meta note, "blogging" has apparently become quite influential in UK politics (I'm sure in other countries too), and frankly I think it's a bad thing...

...because the most "influential" blogs are right wing.

Now, me not being right wing, you'd expect me not to be totally happy with that, but I think I have real cause for concern:

The daddy of political bloggers is some mook calling itself "Giudo Fawkes"(no link, you'll see why). It makes no bones about being anti Labour, and is full of some extremely unfunny right wing jokes (is there any other kind?), and snide comment. So far so "why is this shit so popular?", but hey, interestingly, from that blog you're only TWO CLICKS from hardcore English racist nationalists (through its blogroll and beyond).

How many clicks am I away from these plankton? Loads. Because I'm a long fucking way from being a nationalist, xenophobic, little ingerlander pissbag. These "influential" right wing blogs keep company with the scum of civilisation; someone in the media should start ignoring their mindless bullshit.

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