Sunday, 21 September 2008


No one fashionable is going to care about this (though they might have an opinion about the clothes in the video), but Q-Tip, once of A Tribe Called Quest, has a new single out and it's NICE. To these ears it sounds fresh, but I suspect it lacks all the bells, whistles and general wackness that the kids require of "hiphop" these days. Damn kids!

Don't know why it's taken eight years for him to recover from not having his second solo album released...

I'm trying not to go on about economic woes and the increasing nonsense that is the US electoral campaign, and diving back into hiphop is always the best way for me to switch off. That's due to me being from the streets (of a small town in the midlands). Chea!

My favourite internets discovery lately, and it's hiphop related, is "the internets celebrities". This duo plus camera person make little humourous video "essays about social justice, food, and free shit." Real life in NYC; very comparable to life in a small town in the midlands. Don't watch if you don't like swearing, but if you do, there's some surprisingly poignant shit right there.

One of the two sites related to this,, has a fantastic deconstruction of the beats behind Nas' Illmatic. If you don't know what that is, it's widely considered to be the greatest hiphop album of all time, and that's not an opinion too wide of the mark. It's better than the Beatles, the Stones and Elvis put together times INFINITY. For people who think hiphop is "not music" or "not art", spend half an hour listening to and reading this blog post, and have your eyes and ears opened, and your opinions changed. The part about the song "represent", produced by DJ Premier (who's never put a beat wrong in his life, as long as you forget that song he did for Christina Aguilera), is particularly surprising... but read it all!

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