Monday, 22 September 2008

I'm PC

I saw this ad at the hater... And I agree with Amelie's sentiment. "This makes you want to buy a computer how?"

Now, I'm all for statements like "I'm a PC and I sell fish", because they're silly and meaningless, but I'm not sure how it helps Microsoft.
Bill Gates: "I'm a PC, and I wear glasses"
...SO? And to the people after him who also wear glasses.. well done! What does that mean!?
But here's where the Microsoft marketing train really derails, and it's probably because they are unaware we are not all Americans: Deepak "philosophy for morons" Chopra.
Rule of thumb - whatever he likes, you hate. The man is a plankton, and those who drink up his vapid life philosophies need to check their heads (or read some real philosophy).
So Deepak is a PC? Bye-bye Microsoft!

(ok, I have a mac, but my feelings would be the same were that not the case)

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