Monday, 8 September 2008

New Knees!! Wooooo!!

Ok, Sarah Palin has exploded on to the American political scene, and I saw her speech last week. It was entirely lacking in substance, but full of cuddly soundbites.
She seems popular - but wait! Just because she's a woman and a mother doesn't mean she's not dangerously insane!

As far as I'm aware, even Dubya Bush isn't that mental. It's frightening.
I don't want to even go near people who believe "this world is not for me, I will follow you," as they sing. They want to take us to the apocalypse, and people who believe in that should not be put in a church, but in an institution.
The stuff about blessed cell phones is hard to think about. "There seems to be a special cell phone annointing"... "there's been a dead person raised, there's been a woman with new knees".
New Knees!! AAAAAAARRRRRGH! Praise the lord, though the dead person having been raised is probably more interesting.

I want to go to Alaska, and I want to know exactly how it is people like this exist in the 21st century. Their beliefs are so far removed from mine, it's incomprehensible.
She seems to believe that god wants gas pipes built across Alaska, her son is going to Iraq on a mission from God, and I see that of course she'll believe in the creation story. From what I see, the attraction of this church is that you say "I love Jesus" a lot, and then whatever you want to do is "part of God's plan".
The pastor there says "this is awesome", but he's wrong, this is NOT awesome, this is fucked up.
In this extended video, the pastor explains how he believes Alaska is a "refuge state" for people of the other 48 when "the end of days" comes.
What has to happen to the wonderful piece of evolved technology that is the human mind for it to come to conclusions like that?

The pastor should in any case be wary of what God does, as sometime He does stuff just to fuck with our heads - as He did when he hid fossils everwhere to test our faith (Bill Hicks). Perhaps Alaska being a refuge is just another one of God's jokes. Hopefully these extreme Christians are also one of His Divine Amusements, and not really dangerous people at all.

Anyway, back to this dead person being raised....

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