Friday, 10 October 2008

fuck bankers

Last month I read an article describing the slow/reverse progress being made towards the UN's "Millenium Goals" (like halving world hunger by 2015).

When I say slow, I mean, there has been slow progress in China and around Latin America, and it is the governments of those areas that can be thanked for that. When I say reverse, I mean sub-suharan Africa, where things are getting worse. Remember all the Western leaders bleating about hunger in Africa? Well they haven't payed up enough to help sort out the problem.

One organisation says the world as a whole needs to spend an extra £7 billion to meet the hunger target alone. I know, £7 billion. Fuck, man, that's a lot.

So, when I read last night that the IMF (Imbecilic Money Fuckers) is preparing a $200 billion fund to help stricken economies, I was a bit surprised. Apparently, as they haven't been lending recently (probably because developing countries have started to realise what an utter shower of shits the IMF are and how they don't want to be screwed over for a generation), they have somewhat of a "war chest". Bastards.

Ditto "the fed", the treasury/Bank of England etc etc etc. What is going on? Where is all this money coming from? We are constantly told government spending has to be cut back on anything social, and yet as soon as the gits in suits fuck everything up with their idiotic dealings, there are hundreds of billions of pounds, euros and (ha) dollars (not that they're much use) to deal with the problem.

If it was that easy to chuck billions about, why do we still have any starvation in the world? That, I realise, sounds like something a Miss World contestant would say, but how else can you put it? It obviously is possibly to find these kind of funds, and all of a sudden I see it's quite acceptable to nationalise industries to protect them from the brutal swings of the markets - so let's get to it. And someone find £7bn to chuck at world hunger... or more if that's what it takes.

On another note, I love Here are two celebrity stories to give you nightmares: Brangelina, awfulness. Can we put Kanye to bed now?

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