Friday, 24 October 2008

I am in the studio with all our hangs

Said Bai Ling recently. I am equally unenlightened.
Anywhoo, the internet's a big ol'thing, and one has to be very careful how one approaches it.
Take Kira Cochrane, and her article in the Guardian entitled, 'Fair game?'. In it, she asks why there hasn't 'been a bigger backlash against the misogyny aimed at Sarah Palin.'
Well, that would be fair question, were it a fair question. But it's not. Kira gives us examples of a sexist youtube video, and a blogger. Now, you can find anything you want on the internet, so if you want to find something made or written by a chauvanistic moron, you've come to the right place.
The reason there hasn't been a backlash against this kind of misogyny is because that would require mainstream widespread misogyny. If the BBC and Fox News were broadcasting chauvanistically about Sarah Palin, I'm sure there'd be a backlash, but fighting moronic rubbish on the internet is just pissing in the wind, and I guess most people realise that.
Anyway, who is this Kira Cochrane to talk about chauvanism? All she ever writes about is women, women, dieting, women, male cyclist's thighs, women... hardly balanced, is it?

Obviously, I think nothing about Sarah Palin's sex makes her more or less able to be US VP. It's her rabid, ill-thought-out, and pig-ignorant views, coupled with her overwhelming stupidity that make her a bad prospect. Am I a thick-ist? Yes.

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