Friday, 14 November 2008


Modern technology has now got so good, you can use your mobile phone to create an electronic group like Kraftwerk, but a million times worse.

What an age we're living in.

Did I mention Q-Tip recently? Well, I've heard the album, 'Renaissance', now, in fact it's been on almost constant rotation for the last couple of weeks. Fantastic, really. If Kanye West's new art-pop-wack album outsells Q-Tip, all the good done by Barack Obama's election will have been for nought.

The response of Republicans to their crushing loss has been sometimes embarrassing, sometimes funny ("They're jerks"). If you can bear to read it, here's a link to one time hard man turned Conservative lunatic Chuck Norris's recent 'Letter to the President Elect'.

In it, Chuck, magnanimously, realises 'that (he and Obama) must learn to work together if (they) are to see (their) country get back on track'... but then counter-realises (ahem) that ACTUALLY the President works for the people, therefore to gain the people's respect he must do exactly what conservatives, like Chuck, want.

Because winning a landslide election does not mean you have the will of the people behind you - to get that you have to do what your opposition wants! Congratulations, Chucky, on some interesting reasoning.

Unfortunately for Mr Obama, that will mean taking on board some of the Christian right's political wishes, which include;
1. Shooting gays,
2. Bringing about the End Of Days,
3. Invading all brown countries,
4. Worshipping Jesus, while, 5. Trampling the poor, 6. Being selfish, 7. Eating puppies, 7. Raping the earth's resources, 8. Using prostitutes and 9. Hard drugs, 10. Encouraging HIV in Africa, 11. Blaming the 'liberal media' for everything, and 12. Hating anyone who seems to have a happy, relaxed sex life. Ooh, and 13. Eating kittens and 14. Baby pandas too.

ps; I realise I've posted less over the last few weeks; that's because although I kind of wanted to, I couldn't be arsed.

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