Saturday, 29 November 2008


I finally got myself out record shopping, to pick up a couple of not hot off the press albums yesterday. Luckily they were worthwhile purchases, as secondary target of "buy some trainers" totally flopped. This seasons' trainers SUCK (and the ones that don't weren't in my size, damnit). Here I am not rocking my new trainers that I don't have 'cause trainer designers are kinda wack.

But the music... I happened across the new People Under The Stairs record, FUN DMC. Their first record, ten years ago, was one of my favourite underground hiphop albums at the time, and apparently this is their sixth. I think I have four. Anyway, this is the best put together album by the LA duo since back then. They may be misguided putting so much effort into making a record flow, as we're told the kids don't listen to albums these days. They should; this is cool. It's one of those hiphop records that bumps along nicely, with the odd song that makes you think, 'this is what it's all about'. PUTS have been making ears feel good for a decade, and they deserve more recognition.

I also got NYC by another duo, kinda, Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid. I have their first collaboration from a couple of years ago, and that is the most challenging record I own. Even by crazy jazz standards, that is HARD. This new one sees them sounding much more like music, and really starting to achieve what you'd hope such talented artists might. It's not exactly Britney`, and won't be setting dance floors alight*, but it's an excellent piece of experimental electronic jazz.

*dancefloors are full of people who like to move to mostly crap, that's why
`obviously I don't listen to Britney

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