Wednesday, 31 December 2008

fuzzy list

I could write a top ten albums of the year, but that's a bit samey, so instead here's a more porous, honest this year - last year - next year list of music. I do this as, I'm not some kind of monster who hears everything the moment it exists, so there are things from the past I miss that are good. Conversely, I am the kind of monster who hears the things the rest of the world will be catching up with after I'm long since bored of them (I'm afraid that moment is when the Gruaniad writes about it - the easy way to tell when something is sooo over!).

1: If you don't agree that Flying Lotus released the best album this year, what are you, some kind of fan of other kinds of music? That makes me sick. This record manages to mix invention, artistry and accessibility better than any other I've heard. Usual caveat applies that it's not pop music, but as long as your ears are a bit open, this collection of noise is sure to please.

2: I went on about Mr James Pants a lot this year - three things you should hear are his Stones Throw podcast, 'Music From The Forest', album 'Welcome', and mix 'Ice Castles...'. I guess he's a bit more of a niche artist, but it's my niche so all good.

3: I only heard this project this week, but it's got the mark of undeniable cool about it: Chico Mann, a side project from a member of Antibalas. I think Chico Mann's fusion of afrobeat, latin funk, electronics and funk in general could be the new sound... I suspect however that some gits at Pitchfork will decide the new sound is four boys with guitars whining about how unelievably shit they are. Watch out for Chico Mann, though.

4: I got into Sally Shapiro late, but their 'Disco Romance' album was a fantastic piece of nostalgic electronic noise.. it sounds exactly like the title too.

5: The Menehan Street Band released an album of realy nice instrumental funk grooves...

6: All the electronic pop/rock fashionable stuff deserves a mention 'cause I did enjoy it, though I think that aesthetic's probably been done enough now - so Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts and The Presets, your Australian onslaught has been fun, but I'll be surprised if it happens again. 'Road to Recovery' by the Juggernauts was the best of the lot, for what it's worth.

7: My nomination for record noone else does care about and is unlikely to goes to Morgan Geist for his very stylish detroit-style album 'Double Night Time'. I seem to be programmed to like certain coldish techno noises, so I was well pleased with this.

8: Actually from Detroit, hiphop from Black Milk, with some nice rough yet tight production. Miles away from chilled out hip hop, without the rubbishness of pop-level hip hop.. I found 'Tronic' a breath of fresh air. I hope 2009 brings more stuff from him.

9: I also mentioned Q-Tip quite a bit. His new record really is worth it though.

10: Doing to 'indie' what Outkast did to hiphop about a decade ago (it's a much more progressve genre don't you know), Of Montreal's release this year, 'Skeletal Lamping', again proved most people with guitars are sitting on their laurals, and that for a song to be good it should have about a thousand different ideas in it. Crazy, but nice.

hmmm. That'll do.

Except, I was gonna leave the annual 'let's brutalize the Palastinians at Christmas' thing Israel is doing, and I will, just point to Dallas Penn, who did a good piece about it..