Friday, 16 January 2009

party like it's 1991

Dj Shadow, in his wisdom released a bunch of old good stuff, limited edition, through his website, and I missed it all. The internet's a mo-fo, tho, and minimal searching will cough up the downloadable goods. (for example)

I wouldn't be that bothered about a bunch of old unreleased stuff, as there's usually a good reason for stuff to be unreleased. This is pretty cool though - the KMEL mixes made when he was 19 are ace: The mixing is fantastic and exciting, the hiphop's great and the second has a little interview with him, which is pretty rare in itself. Of the original and remixed bits, they're interesting even if they don't all work.

Something that reminded me a little of Shadow, recently was Mophono, although he seems to be more about reworking tracks than making new ones, his stuff is nice. The Edge remix is great, and although to be honest the original is fantastic too, I have enough experience to recognise it's hard to remix a great track without making it worse.

All this made me go searching for more stuff of this ilk, but all I found was stuff that was pretty regressive. For a once future obsessed genre, the turntable-as-instrument crowd seem to have lost their course somewhat... I read about then listened to an Austrian group called Phonsapiens, but it was just dull, and they were the best of my discoveries. Damn.

Talking of Damn, what the hell are Google up to? That new icon makes me sick.

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