Sunday, 1 February 2009


The Israeli Prime Minister, Ek Ekekekek, wants the world to know that if you're a dick and try to attack Israel, he will be a disproportionately large dick in response. Recent actions prove he and his government are certainly some of the biggest dicks on the planet.

Don't get confused and think I'm trying to say Israeli politicians are hung like donkeys - what I'm saying is "look at them, what a bunch of massive cocks".

I might try to remember Ek Ekekekekek's name properly when he stops acting in such a toweringly phallic way. I'm not even sure why he feels the need to tell the world something we already know - that he's a cock - and it would be much more instructive for us were he to tell us why he's such a dick.

Maybe he gets sexually aroused by the idea of 'accidentally' bombing hospitals?

I don't know, but considering how much of a dick he is I can only assume the worst.

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