Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I created this show!

Noel "Mr sweaters" Edmonds has gone on an amusing rant against some council that won't let an injured war veteran build whatever bungalow he wants wherever he wants BECAUSE HE'S A VETERAN. Y'know? We have to respect our war veterans by LETTING THEM DO WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT. Especially if they don't have legs, then we should respect them more, and actively help them do do whatever they want because they were in a war, and did I mention they have no legs? Here's that video.
And that video led me to this one:
I didn't watch it all (I'm not insane), but really enjoyed the idea that if you've got any bassoons or 'cellos, send them in to this charity...
Why did someone let silly gameshow host Noel Edmonds do a telly box programme where he can shout his gob hole off about issues he, as a silly gameshow host, know's frankly fuck all about? I need a right wing knee-jerk reaction coated with a bloated sense of self importance! Quick, get Noel on the phone and tell him the council's planning to round up and shoot war veterans while dancing on the Queen mum's grave! What do you say Noel?

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