Wednesday, 11 February 2009

yeah, hip daddy cool

I don't know much about Seth Reznik, except what I read in his Guardian bio. So, I know as well as writing digital zeitgeisty piffle occasionally, he used to work for an organisation called "Americans Coming Together", which is a liberal activist group. Yeah, right. Sounds a bit TOO liberal for me, and I really don't see why Americans should have to do that together at all.
Hilarity aside, Seth writes a piece about how Obama has called on a Huffington Post (or HuffPoo, as people call it) journalist, and how this really shows how blogs are changing the landscape.
"Politicians – and the media – can no longer rely on the media to define what is important. A whole range of actors now decide, not least the consumers of news themselves. The command and control grid of media management is out. Authenticity is in."
Authenticity WHAT? Huffpoo is just a bunch of journalists writing boring crap - what could be more media than that? The website looks pretty media-y to me. In terms of a media revolution, it's a bit like saying "hey, we're gonna fight a war, but we're going to use GUNS".
What is it with authenticity anyway? I'm lost! So, Because this is a blog, is what I'm writing more real? Is it gooder because I can just make up whatever I want without the interference of anyone professional or anyone to sheck my typling? Because libel means nothing here, I can be realer than real - it's my truth and I'll tell it if I want to, even if it's wrong, even if it's idiotic. It's my truth, it's the realierest, truthiest thing in the world. Paris Hilton has four bottoms! There I said it. Really real. Authen-fucking-ticity city here we come, baby.

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