Saturday, 25 April 2009


trouble is, from wot I get from the nooz, the tide in Britain is going against sensible, and the people want to copy most of yurp and get a (n even more) right wing government. What a load of idiots. And as it seems to be becoming a foregone conclusion, I don't see the point in fighting it.

The media's language discussing all important issues is more or less obsolete (if you think media has a useful role to play in the world). When even the Guardian reports a 50% high tax rate as "hitting the rich", well, that's a "sign". A sign that everone's screwed. I agree with the Telegraph that we shoutn't target the rich with high taxes, but disagree with the rest of their ideas. We shouldn't target rich people: we should lock them up and torture them until they agree to pay some taxes. (while there are really poor people around, however hard (cough) you work in a bank it's not fair to be filthy stinking rich).

Luckily, a guy called Mark Pritchard has released a song called "question mark", and it's really good - difficult to find online, or anywhere though. He was half of Global Communications, The Jedi Knights (till george lucas got all legal on their asses), and more recently was Harmonic 33 and Harmonic 313. All good.