Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

UK Man thinks it's 1950


.... Who on "the left" thinks Stalin was OK?

Monday, 24 August 2009

Mob Deep

So, some US bloggers are trying to start a boycott of Scotland for releasing a man in his last few weeks of death I see. How forgiving of them! And the head of the FBI, writing an open letter to the world, criticising a sovereign coutries internal politics. How diplomatic.

Terrorism is wrong, killing people is wrong.. obviously. But compassion is always a good thing and we should be proud when it is shown even to murderers. Now, this "hero's welcome" in Libya isn't a great thing, but then lots of people are over-proud nationalist dicks: I notice they've popped out of the woodwork in a few countries regarding this story.

I really hope that the internet isn't representative. I like to think that the kind of people who get so worked up they have to complain are probably not normal. But they are noisy!

"The sort of justice that favours the mass murderer above the victims families is sick, sick, sick.

Can't wait until we can vote all these filthy cowardly politicians out of office.
We need proper justice in this country again

I think I know what "proper justice" means. Angry, retributional mob justice that pleases the bloodthirsty. We don't need to be like that, the middle ages were a long time ago and we are supposed to be better now. The rightious right are a funny lot - I thought they were supposed to be God fearing Christians, but they seem to believe in the barbaric values that their saviour, a Mr Jesus, definitely argued repeatedly against. There is no "except terrorists" in his philosphy of how we should act. It's one of they few things I like about any religion.

So, angry mob, please fuck off and grow up.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

in case you missed it

(the original) post rock plus architecture. what more could you need?

Saturday, 25 April 2009


trouble is, from wot I get from the nooz, the tide in Britain is going against sensible, and the people want to copy most of yurp and get a (n even more) right wing government. What a load of idiots. And as it seems to be becoming a foregone conclusion, I don't see the point in fighting it.

The media's language discussing all important issues is more or less obsolete (if you think media has a useful role to play in the world). When even the Guardian reports a 50% high tax rate as "hitting the rich", well, that's a "sign". A sign that everone's screwed. I agree with the Telegraph that we shoutn't target the rich with high taxes, but disagree with the rest of their ideas. We shouldn't target rich people: we should lock them up and torture them until they agree to pay some taxes. (while there are really poor people around, however hard (cough) you work in a bank it's not fair to be filthy stinking rich).

Luckily, a guy called Mark Pritchard has released a song called "question mark", and it's really good - difficult to find online, or anywhere though. He was half of Global Communications, The Jedi Knights (till george lucas got all legal on their asses), and more recently was Harmonic 33 and Harmonic 313. All good.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Fashion Special

For reasons I won't go into, I went to H&M, TopMan and Zara this week. What's going on there?

So, this is a color pallete from Zara, and all the others are doing the same. Horrible. They're colours that say "I'm not very confident about being this colour". Which is the right thing to say when you are such a disgusting colour. H&M are doing jeans in that blue, which should be a criminal offence.
Anyway, items two and three are from perennial style offenders TopMan (like TopCat, but shit). We'll start with this collection of printed Ts, which scream "I AM A MORON" more than anything I've seen in recent years:

If you're thinking about wearing them, remember these are the kind of things that terrorists rightly hate us for, so do yourself and everyone else a favour, and blow yourself up somewhere quiet.
And lastly:

Checked shirt and red braces? Are they taking the piss?

Monday, 23 March 2009

I would use bigger candles

See, when you do your own cooking, things get a whole lot healthier. Incredible. If you're really pushed for time, instead of using apple pie filling in the centre, use cat food. That way you get two courses in one, and you won't have two sets of plates to clean afterwards.